What are the Health Benefits of Sex

Sex is not just for pleasure, procreation and fun; it’s also part of a healthy lifestyle. Here are seven reasons to have sex for the health of it, and notice that you don’t need another person to reap the rewards!  While the timing may be the biggest problem in your morning routine – getting ready for work and get to […]

Reasons to Breakup with Your Girlfriend

Occasionally a man will stay with a woman because he feels that it will decimate her if he finishes the relationship. If you really care about a woman, but you are no longer in love with her, then it is in both of your best interests in the long run to end the connection. Your […]

The Historical Origins of The Valentine’s Day

In Roman mythology Juno was the goddess of women and marriage. She was also the queen of Roman gods. 14 February was the day in ancient Rome celebrated in the honor of goddess Juno. The name of the feast was Lupercalia  and its celebration was considered to be a sign of fertility, prosperity and happiness. […]

How to Date a Man With Aries Zodiac Sign

The Aries man can be combative and enjoying the possibility of some mental and psychological training, so do not be afraid to offer a contrary opinion, and engage in a bit of a debate with him. He likes a challenge, so try to keep your own counter. [Read: How to Make a Guy to Ask You […]

How to Make a Guy to Ask You Out

Imagine you’ve been spending time with a guy very cute, and you’re starting to feel something for him. He has not made ​​a move yet and we definitely want him to ask out on a date. [Read: Signs to Tell He is Into You]. The only problem is that you are unsure of how to […]

Reasons Why Men are Scared to Commit in a Relationship

The answer to this question is that men are afraid of commitment. What men are afraid to be committed to the wrong woman. There is not a man alive who is not willing to commit to a beautiful model, who is intelligent, financially successful and has the heart of an angel. In fact, many of […]

How to Tell She’s in Love with Your Money

Everyone wants a life which they spent with a person who truly loves them and only them. The problem is that in this materialistic world it’s very difficult to find someone who sincerely is in love with you and not with the fortune of family money you come along as a package with. Considering the […]

Tips for Women to be More Wild in Bed

Deep down, we’re all animals in bed. After all, sex is an extremely primal act, and when we use our verbal human brains to talk about it and sometimes during it while it’s clear that the tongue and the groin are linked. Read: How to be a Better Girlfriend Research shows that a couple’s sexual satisfaction is directly linked to their ability to give positive sexual feedback verbally and negative […]

Top 10 Lovemaking Tips For Men to Make Her Happy

It’s no secret that men can become aroused more quickly than women. Men also are able to reach orgasm in less time than most women. This can make for some problems when making love. Husbands sometimes do not understand why his wife does not want to be intimate. It is likely that because they are […]

Cougar Dating Tips For Older Woman with Younger Men

Age has always been a problem when it comes to relationships. Dating an older man looks so sexy and seductive. If you’re dating a man who is older than you, you feel that you are safe and secure and is well kept. An older woman dating a younger man wasn’t as accepted as older men […]