How to Be a Perfect Girlfriend For Him

Men pursue the woman they love earnestly, but usually men give up on their charming antics once they have snagged the girl. With just a few simple tips, you can be the perfect girlfriend – making him want to be the perfect boyfriend. Learn how to do all that needs to be come the perfect girlfriend […]

Reasons Why to You Should Have a Shy Boyfriend

There are a lot of assholes out there who are great at getting laid. They know how to manipulate girls into bed, and usually are pretty decent between the sheets. Ladies, I’m sure you’ve been to at least one of these guys in the past. I’m here to tell you not to give the asshole […]

How to Keep Your Man From Cheating

Before going through the tips to stop your man from cheating on you must read this article: 10 Likely Reasons Why Men Cheat in a Relationship. After reading it you’ll have a detailed analysis why men generally cheat on beautiful women with whom they are in a relationship. The man maybe related to you as husband […]

What Women Should Not Wear on their First Date

Do not let your first date attire ruin your chances of a second date. What you wear is the perfect opportunity to introduce who you are before you say a word. [Top 10 Questions You Should Ask on First Date]. To win your date over with captivating style, consider the location, time of day and […]

Most Common Reasons why Relationships Fail

Each day brings new problems. These problems can destroy a relationship without a moment’s notice. Although many can see, some can not. However, in case you recognize those that are bothering their relationship and try to work with them to make your relationship stays on track. However, there are 4 common themes that can kill […]

Top Most Annoying Habits of Boyfriends

Nobody said that love is a bed of roses. When things go south in a relationship, guilt is never unilateral. We wrote about Top 10 Mistakes Women Make to Spoil a Relationship a few days back. Well, just to even things out, we realized that it’s time to talk about some of the things men do wrong. […]

How You Should Instantly Improve Your Relationship

Any kind of relationship, whether between family members, people who work, friends or clients we serve, it takes a lot of work to maintain and build. And much of the cement improves our relationships is the development of trust, compassion and acceptance of others. Furthermore, differences should be taken into account – no two people […]

He Took Your Number but Why He Didn’t Call [Reasons]

If you have not had this happen to you in real life, you’ve definitely seen on television or in the movies. Why in the world would a man ask a woman for her number and then not use it? It’s not as if bound in any way asking for the number. He could have just […]

How to Deal With Moody Boyfriend

Needless to say, given the amount of misery in the world, choosing only happy people would leave a much shallower pool quotes, and yet, I still think it’s worth the risk. And while I tend to not believe in thought in black and white, I do not think someone who is fundamentally unhappy can be […]

How to Deal With Sensitive Emotional Boyfriend

Having a sensitive boyfriend can be an advantage when talking about life in general or his taste in movies and books. An overly emotional man, however, can be a problem – the lack of control causes a variety of problems and advice on more fundamental issues. A general loss of control is not considered appropriate, […]