How to Say Sorry to Angry Girlfriend

Saying sorry is never easy. Those who understand what it really means, they understands its significance also. When you say sorry, you agree that you are wrong, you have done wrong, and are now asking for forgiveness. While accepting your mistake is a great feat, apologizing can be quite difficult though. There are times when you hurt someone unwillingly, knowing the consequences, decided to risk it. If you hurt your girlfriend, for reasons known and unknown, it is time to ask for forgiveness, [Read: Top 10 Things Women Hate About Men]. Here are some ways to say sorry to your girlfriend, but the key is still in the emotion you put in. Also remember that when you say sorry, do promise to never do wrong again. You can also think that there is no reason to say sorry and it does not matter. However, if you have loved, you know the importance of what it is until someone treasure. Read on for some special ways to apologize, and do it before it’s too late! [Read: 10 Biggest Secrets to a Happy Married Life]

Angry Girlfriend

Selection of Right Time

Apologies are generally done right away, though it’s never too late to make amendments. If the fight’s just over (then it’s unlikely you’ll be reading this — save this advice for the future!) there’s nothing wrong with simply saying, “I’m sorry” right then and there. If some time has passed but the air hasn’t cleared, choosing the time to apologize can be more important. For example, you don’t want to do a drive-by apology, hitting her with it in the middle of something else. Find a time when the two of you are alone and you can really talk about what happened.

Take Her Out

Sometimes, words fail. They don’t have the effect you want them to have. Sometimes, depending on the circumstances, you need some more gestures to say sorry. At such times, when you have done what you could, and it hasn’t helped, and you feel helpless, this works. Amongst all the ways to apologize, this is my personal favorite. Convince her to come out with you, just one last time. Just once. Do whatever it takes and make her see you. Pick her up and take her to her favorite restaurant. Order her favorite cuisine and call for her favorite wine. Ask people at the restaurant to play her favorite tracks. Throughout the dinner / lunch, talk about normal stuff. If the conversation gives you a chance to make it up to her, bank on it. If not, after dessert, present her with a card that says SORRY. If you are confident and bold enough, you can also get up from your seat and give a small apology speech in front of everyone. No girl can say no to that, can she?

Try to Talk

You will have to initiate conversation to help her to get it out of her system. Ask her what’s troubling her. Even if she resists opening up at first, try to persuade her into talking to you about how she feels, [Read: How to Start a Conversation with a Girl]. She will have to vent out her feelings. Talking to an angry girlfriend helps her to detoxify in a better way.

Add Some Fun

Fun and romance is one of the most effective lines to calm down an angry girlfriend. Just hold her and whisper something funny and romantic into her ears. She will melt down in seconds. Such lines will definitely bring a smile on her face. To make this line throw an impact on your girlfriend, make sure you say it in such a way that it looks natural. If you are a funny sort of a man, you can pull her leg after she smiles and melts down. This is a trick to calm your girlfriend and keep the spark of love alive!

Take the Blame

If you’re looking for a quick resolve with your girl then you have to approach her with tact and take on full blame for the fight. Forget about your ego and swallow your pride. Any logical arguments you might want to bring up as to why you’re not entirely to blame you’ll have to save for later. There’s a time and place for this but the initial meeting where you’ll be apologizing is not one of them.

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But don’t worry, you’ll get the chance to put your word in soon enough. It won’t be long before she calms down and is receptive to hearing what you have to say in your defense. And when that moment comes, you can be sure that she’ll be agreeing with most of it. Because if you have done everything right up until now, she’ll be feeling the weight of her own guilt as well. But this won’t happen unless you bite the bullet first!

Never Get Angry

It is very important to be patient when dealing with anger. Since she is going to be full of emotions which are just waiting to burst out, remind yourself of the virtue of patience before you go to talk to her. Don’t expect her anger to fade away as soon as you start talking.

Listen to what she has to say. Don’t keep agreeing to everything she says because girls can sense fake concern. Try to be a good conversationalist. Attentive listening from your end will motivate her to talk to you about her feelings.