Should I Give Another Chance to My Ex?

This might be the classic million dollar question indeed! The question of whether your ex deserves a second chance can cause immense amount of debate and starkly divided opinions. While some people might say “no way”, still others will violently disagree and say “absolutely yes”! So how does one resolve this issue of giving your ex-flame another opportunity to rekindle the love you have once shared?

Getting Back with Ex

Here are some aspects to keep in mind while answering this question:

How have you left the relationship the first time around?

If your ex has treated you extraordinarily horribly then the answer is clear – he or she does not deserve a second chance. If your ex has been guilty of infidelity or breaking your heart repeatedly in many other ways, then honestly, the relationship does not deserve the time you will spend in resurrecting it.

Everyone deserves a second chance

If there is a certain level of sincerity in your ex wanting to get back with you then by all means, give him a second chance. Sometimes, second chances work out as the best possible elixir for relationships and by getting back together you might be actually making your relationship stronger for both of you will avoid the mistakes that were made the first time around. This is especially true when you realize that your ex has undergone a sea change in whatever drove you to splitting up in the first place.

Are you still in love?

Sometimes relationships break up even when the partners are still in love with each other. Geographical distances, work pressures and other aspects of life may come between the people but there is still a very strong emotional bond. If this has happened to your relationship and both of you are still in love with each other, then yes, your ex deserves a second chance.

Do a bit of introspection

Analyse what went wrong the first time around. Your ex deserves a second chance if most of the mistakes were on your part. This might sound like a harsh and bitter truth but you cannot decide on whether you want to get back with your ex unless you decide on what went wrong in the first place. Every relationship goes through good days, bad days and perhaps even downright horrible days. But how instrumental have you been in creating all those memories? The answer to this question will also help you decide on giving him/her a second chance.

Speak to someone who cares

Getting back with your ex is an emotionally charged subject and it would help greatly if you have one friend that you can talk to. Ideally, this friend should be able to give you an opinion based on fact and be able to tell you whether it is a good idea or not. A friend’s opinion is a great help in deciding, for he or she would have had front row seats to the relationship the first time around. Figuring out whether your ex has been a good thing or a bad thing for you would be the friend’s job as well!

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