10 Dating Tips for Men to Make it Memorable

There are no rules in the niche of dating since women continue to remain a mystery for men. However, there are some common behavioral traits across most women. Based upon these, some basic tips have been contrived. These are meant to help you have a better first date. Yes, the demands of a first date are slightly separate from regularly dating somebody.

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Top 10 Tips for Men to Make Date Memorable

Here, you are trying to create an impression and set the ball rolling. Besides the usual tips like dressing properly and showing-up on time, use the following information to have a better first date:


One of the worst things you could possibly do on a date is to turn up looking dirty and smelling bad. Remember that bad breath and body odor are always an instant turn off. Make the effort to at least take a bath and give yourself a proper shave, even when you think you don’t need one or you don’t have the time for it. Women appreciate it when their date always look clean and smell nice. [Read: First Time Dating Tips for Men]

Car Improvement

Guys who think a girl is going to lose her mind just because they’ve installed beaded seat covers in their Datsun — welcome to our list. A car is the thing that gets you to the shops when it’s too far to walk and you couldn’t be bothered with public transport. The second you start thinking of it as a blank canvas for you to decorate your bogan mechanical art on, you’re done. Sure, get a nice stereo and one of those vanilla-scented Christmas trees for the rear view mirror but the words “custom body kit  should only be used by a qualified mechanic.

Realistic Compliments

Complimenting her might seem like a regular thing to you. However, she might use this as a parameter to judge your degree of interest or how genuine you are. The way you compliment her reflects to what degree she fascinates you and how closely you have observed her. Be realistic and generous in your compliments without going overboard or being too corny.

Avoid Arguments

With so much being written and read in the dating niche, most of us know what topics get women serious. This includes things related to their ex-boyfriends, their body weight or shape and relationship with their mothers. On the first date, try to keep away from such topics. You don’t want to get into an argument. Even if she seems a bit uptight, maintain your composure and your smiling demeanor.

Don’t be a Boring Guy

Nothing kills a date’s mood faster than boring conversation. Think of questions you can ask your date, and of questions she might ask you. This way, when the conversation runs dry, you could always go back to the things you have thought beforehand and tell her accordingly what you think might be interesting. Once she’s shared her stories, thank her for it then tell her a tale of your own, but be prompt and make it worth her while. If she presses for more details, then you know for sure that she’s interested in what you have to say. You’re well on your way to a very good conversation for the rest of the evening. [Read: Top 10 Things Women Hate About Men]

Do Something She Likes

This is especially nice on the first date because it shows you’ve taken the time to find out a little bit about her interests, but it’s equally important on subsequent dates as well.

As an example, my wife likes to play tennis. She used to play for her high school tennis team, but when she came to college she didn’t have much time to play anymore. It was a perfect date opportunity because it was something she enjoyed doing but didn’t get to do very much because she had no one to play with. It didn’t even matter that I’m a terrible tennis player—in fact she seemed to enjoy making me run all over the court. I was of course a good sport about it, and it ended up being highly enjoyable for both of us.

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If you don’t know a girl too well, her blog or Facebook page could be excellent sources of information. Read her blog and look through her favorites to see what sort of things she likes doing. I wouldn’t suggest making your date feel like you are Facebook stalking her, but if she asks where you came up with the idea for the date it’s best to be honest and say something along the lines of,  “I saw on your blog that you’re interested in (insert name of activity here),” and leave it at that.

Later in the relationship you will likely find common interests, and those will be perfect platforms for dates that you will both be able to enjoy as you grow closer together.

Show Your Best

Chances are, you don’t need to be anybody else to attract a great girl. There’s someone who will love you. But you may very well need to be the best version of yourself to attract a woman. Dress nice, bathe, smell good, ask lots of questions, smile, laugh, exhibit a little knowledge about something interesting, and most importantly listen to her. Just smile, nod and listen.

Be Yourself

This one is perhaps the most important of all the points. If you’re not being yourself on a first date, you are truly doing a disservice to the other person. They agreed to go out with you because there was something about you that called for their attention. If you seemed so funny on the phone, but on the date you are all stiff and serious, that’s not a real reflection of you. If you think of yourself as a silly and humorous person, don’t hide that from your date. Be yourself and let your true energy shine through. If your date isn’t interested in that side of you, then you’ll know it’s time to move on.

Selection of Place

In the planning stages, make sure you choose the right environment. It should be one that allows for intimacy, and privacy. One that allows you to focus completely on one another. And of course, it should be one that you will both really enjoy. In most cases, this will mean making sure it’s not too loud to talk, or too crowded to feel close to one another. It will mean allowing the two of you the privacy you’ll need to create a truly memorable experience.

Have Intimate Moments

Most people would agree that the best dates are those where the two people involved are completely focused on one another. Thus, it’s usually best to set up a date where it’s either just the two of you, or very few others. Also, turn off your cell phone, and ask your date to do so as well. And try to set up the date in such a way as to keep any other interruptions from spoiling the mood as well. Focus your complete attention on who you are with and what you are doing with them. And of course, be kind, sweet, polite and natural. Be that person that caused your date to date you in the first place. [Read: Top 10 Lovemaking Tips For Men to Make Her Happy]