How to Impress a Guy You Like

If you’re not sure how to grab the attention of your man, you could ask about things I find interesting. Men are weirdos. They consider women to be the most complicated beings who ever walked the surface of earth, but what they fail to understand is that each one of us on the planet is different, unique and equally enigmatic. Men find women different, because their brains are different from the men’s. And that obviously means that men are a mystery to women as well. One can never know how a man is going to respond to a situation. And “what attracts a guy” is as eternal a question for women as “what women want” is for guys. So let’s make an effort to understand men and see how they can be won over.

Sexy Legs Short Skirt

Casually ask what you’re doing on vacation, when your next game is basketball or football, etc. Just do not ask him things very deep in emotion or too personal. That could crawl out and he would think you were curious. Remember to always be yourself, children do not like girls who act all strange mind around. If you act fake, might be disappointed when you start feeling turn “magically” someone other than the person who knew more comfortable with him. Also, start finding things in common with each of you and talk about them so that you realize your connections.

Use Perfume

No man I know minds when a woman smells like nothing, a simple stick of deodorant accomplishes this. Women who slather on the perfume end up smelling like the front counter of Macy’s, and it’s a kind of a turn off. A spray or two there might be nice for a special occasion, but I can’t think of a situation where I’d ever think, Man, she’s nice, but I’d like her better if she smelled like someone was pouring a stream of animal urine that vaguely smelled like flowers onto her head.

Pay For the Dinner

That’s right. Many men will pay for dinner and feel good about it. But when that check lands, if a woman smiles and simply puts her hand on the bill and says, “Let me get this. You can get the next one,” she is sending a strong signal. It signifies generosity. It signifies confidence. And it tells him that this woman is happy to let him pay sometimes and willing to do so herself. That’s likely to impress almost any man.

Don’t be Easy to Go

Remember this if you want him to go crazy for you. Even if you like a guy a lot, don’t give in too easily and try to please him from the very beginning. When you try to please a guy too soon, he’ll start taking it easy because he’d know that he’s already won you over. And if he’s a regular guy, he’ll stop trying to woo you or impress you.

Even though you like him already, don’t express your mushy thoughts to him for several weeks. Date him or spend hours talking to him, but make sure he’s completely in love with you before you tell him that you’re crazy about him. Understanding how to make a guy chase you the right way is very important if you want to have a serious relationship with the guy you like.

Let Him Take Lead

If he wants to pay, let him pay. Remember that he’s likely nervous and is trying to figure out if on first date. You’ll have plenty of time in the future to figure out gender-role stuff if you develop a relationship. In the meantime, respect his wishes to lead. Let him follow up after the date, too.

Conversation Matters

just start a conversation. conversation. If he likes you, he might even start the conversation. Also, make friends with his friends and play with his friends. That means if he is playing with his friends you are playing too.

Show Your Naughty Side

Being naughty is a huge turn on for all men. Sitting too close to him and see him feel uncomfortable around you. Brush your body but make it look like an accident. Behaving like a shy girl, but tempt him innocently.


You are probably both nervous as hell, but no matter what might go wrong during the date, always be prepared to laugh at yourself. [Read: Best Tips for Successful Dating]. Men love women who do not take themselves too seriously, so be yourself, and if you spill red wine all over your new white dress, try and see the funny side of it. After all, you can always send the dress to the dry cleaners tomorrow.

Modest Dressing

The guys feel that women are much more attractive when they dress modestly when they dress as a candidate – at least if you want any kind of lasting appeal. Just something nice and relaxing to see a girl that looks good and does not have to rely on self-exposure in order to look good in the process. Modesty is beautiful classy. To quote one author: “Men are not faithful to prostitutes, so why do you dress like one?” A point well taken, I hope.

Have your own style. Don’t compete with those anorexic, Barbie dolls you see on TV and magazines. You can get inspiration from them, but always have your own personal style, and carry it well. Flashy high heels and black seamed stockings are major turn-on for men, but you’ll be more fun when comfortable. Just as you don’t demand for the guy in your life to look like a movie star, don’t worry if you don’t look like a supermodel.

Speak Truth

Let’s admit it hands down that women cannot stay away from lying. Whether it is their profile picture or the facts about their life, they hardly say the truth, but this is where you need to be different. It’s true that online dating is more fun and there are less chances of finding real life in the mundane, but the fact is when you say only the truth, you stand the chance of being considered.

Sports Knowledge

Most men think that is pretty darn attractive when a woman knows something about the sport, whether it was recruited to something as simple as the number of contact points worth making. If you think you’re going someplace you could be playing a game, try searching on Google a little something that might be useful. Find out what the team is playing. Or if you have a favorite team, learn an interesting fact about that team. Be careful not your man Overshine. Men tend to not like being mocked in sports by women. If you know a lot about sports, then you already have a topic of interest below!

Also, this will be a useful topic to see if there are sequential dates. The man will have to serve the remainder of your guy friends probably. This will be a small test to see if you can “be with the kids.” If you can keep up a conversation sports, friends your approval chances.

Be Open For Hugs and Kisses

Hugging should only be done once you know the guy very well and that you are comfortable around him. if you have known him for some time and you fail to give him a hug, he may assume that you are not interested in him. so don’t hold back in you attempt to let him know that you like him.