How to Get a Girl to Kiss You on a Date

Some people have written songs glorifying it. There are others who have called for an exchange of saliva between two fools. However, no matter what it is called, the fact remains that a kiss is a lovely physical expression of deep affection or love between two people. Therefore, if you are a girl and love to see her, it makes sense that you would want to kiss her as an expression of how you feel about her (and this probably has nothing to do with the fact that her lips look when ripe, juicy fruit ready to be bitten into). The biggest mistake you can make is to kiss her by force. Instead, use conditions and situations in your favor, so your hair impatient to feel your lips against hers. The following tips will help you get a girl to kiss you over and over again.

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Tips To Get A Girl To Kiss You

It is useless to simply wait for a kiss without accompanying feelings. Therefore, you need to get her in a romantic and passionate atmosphere. You do not need a pro to do this – you could be something as simple as just her hand and looking into her eyes tenderly do. If you look closely for some time, you could try talking to her romantically. Guys, remember that “romance” not equal to “sex” for girls at all times. If they feel that you are trying to get her in bed, she would only in the other direction.

Ask Her Out

Some girls won’t want to kiss you unless you are going out already. Say something like “what if we went out?” or “Hey, how would you feel if I asked you out?”. I personally love these lines and think they are so cute!

Do Something Cute

It’s difficult for most guys to see anything they might do as something cute, but God, or nature or somebody put something inside women that makes them see the stupidest things as cute. Figure out what the girl you have in your sights thinks is cute, and figure out how to make that happen.


Prepare her for that kiss during your date, [Read: Signs of a Successful Great First Date]. Of course, you don’t have to tell her: “Hey girl, I am waiting to get kissed by you so be prepared” No, that’s not the case. You should be nice and sweet to her. This will make that girl feel as if you deserve to get some love from her. Even a hug or something, but we want that kiss right. So be nice and sweet and do something that is really cute. Let’s say you sit at a restaurant. When you a ready to leave get up, get up and help her to get her jacket. And when you go outside of that room always hold the door for your girl. That makes you look like a gentleman and this is how to get a girl to kiss you.

Do Not Rush

You don’t want anything to happen in a rush. Stay completely calm and relaxed. Another thing that I recommend is to gently move your hand around her hair and face. Even move it around her lips. Always pay attention to her reaction. Does she smile? Does she look interested? How do you feel? Again, don’t rush anything, and slowly, carefully, move your face towards her. And then a bit back, and again towards her, and again back.

During all this process, keep talking about something. Preferably about love and romance. Don’t get a complete silence, as it would sound weird. This is called teasing. She will be waiting and expecting the kiss. She can see your lips just near her lips. But don’t kiss her. Make it come, and stop a bit.

Show Yourself as Kissable

Do not be someone who is extremely negative and is always complaining. Learn how to kiss. Make her want to spend lots of time with you. Talk about things you have in common, and show her that you care about and are concerned about things that she enjoys.

Gifts Make the Difference

You don’t have to go overboard and shower her with expensive gifts, but any little token of your affection is a nice gesture. You may bring her a favorite candy bar or a card or a box of tissue when she has a runny nose. Anything that shows her that you care and are concerned about her would be appropriate.

Tricky Method

Okay, so this one[s a little tricky and maybe a little manipulative. But well, if it works, what the heck, right? What you do is get to a place in your relationship where you figure there ought to be kissing going on by now. Then, in a quiet moment, when you’re sitting close. Well, close enough to kiss if someone so desire, move in a little closer. Look into her eyes. Make it clear that you’re feeling her. Then, move just a little closer, like maybe lift your chin a little, like you’re going to kiss her; but then stop, pull back and smile very broadly at her. She’ll see you’ve teased her and will most likely grab you and finish off that kiss you almost started.

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