How to Make Women Laugh

Just give it the right opportunity, which – at least in my experience of interacting with beautiful women for Esquire – arises naturally from the right approach. Tease, gently. (Adriana Lima told me wearing boy shorts for traveling, then defended bemusedly when I suggested we take a little longer.) Be awkward, a little. (Katie Stam, Miss America 2009, will not let me wear his crown, but he agreed that it looked like a yarmulke.) And do not worry about being a little ridiculous. (See both, above.) Remember: You are performing. Want observation cheerful, not a joke built – an opportunity for her to do what she said funny. You’re not really making me laugh. You’re letting her.

Make her laugh

It could be argued that the single most important characteristic a man has with regards to attracting women is his sense of humor. Looks and money are great,  but even the shallowest gold digger is still going to want to enjoy the company of the man she’s spending her time with. The single greatest indicator of ephemeral and long term happiness is laughter. It would take a very special kind of girl to be happy with a man who can’t make her giddy from time to time. Furthermore making a woman laugh is imperative on first meetings and approaches. Save your deep tortured soul and your artistic inner beauty for a time when you can trust a woman with your vulnerability. For now you need to make her laugh; you’ll be glad you did.


First you must create a pleasant atmosphere around himself. Smile and interact in a friendly and optimistic. Any girl who is going to be much more comfortable talking to a guy who was happy with their situation and surroundings than with someone who drags the whole room. If you give a vibration melancholy immediately puts pressure on women to feel better or give up and find a happier person to communicate. Girls do not want to be a psychiatrist, want to be your friends, or maybe more. It helps to know that you are happy to be with them.


A funny guy doesn’t just utter funny one-liners all the time. A funny guy is creative. He’s a regular guy who’s fun to hang out with. But every now and then, he uses the circumstances around him to say something that’s a laugh. Remember that. You don’t always have to be funny every second, wait for the right moment when you remember or see something that’s worth a laugh.

Funny Acts

You should do something that makes you look good, but will bring a smile to the face of a woman. This can be anything you want as long as you do not hurt yourself or someone else. You can dance or jump in and make faces to make people laugh. This will show your personality and make a woman see who is inside and out.


If you know her pretty well, try a tingle! Tickle is an amazing way to break both laughter and physical barriers. It’s hard not to laugh when you tickle … The only requirements for this is that it should be someone who does not mind being tickled. It’s hardly going to win a prize if you can not stand being tickled and will not stop. Do not try this with middle ages or divorced ladies but if you are sure that you wont be slapped, go for it.

Target Yourself

Try to separate the humor, making sure that you can also make fun of himself. Self-deprecation is a very attractive and common practice among some kids, especially when talking about the most positive features. You can also share something about yourself you know you can make fun of, especially “negative” things be overemphasized. For example, if you can not dance to save his life, you can laugh at himself by mentioning that you are trying to rectify the situation by learning a dance dark or outdated.

Don’t Spare Her

This is a difficult issue, and should only be attempted by men who are very skilled in the way we can joke about his girl. The key is to make fun of what you do and not what is. If done properly, these jokes will love the girl you like rather than offend. If you spend much time in the store distracted while you just want to get your purchase and go, you can make a joke about how distracted he always comes back. If it takes much time to prepare before seeing you, you can make a joke about how long you’ve been waiting for it, but then compensate with the way it was worth it, because of how beautiful she looks.

Last Try

For now, if you have not laugh, it’s very possible that it will never make you laugh. In other words, you’re fucking doomed. But there is one more thing you can try before calling out and start dating chubby girl working, that does not care if you’re funny. Laugh with her. Every time he says something funny, start to crack, if you think it’s funny or not. It could be the stupidest thing I’ve heard, who cares. Laugh anyway. If she sees you laugh, is obliged to start laughing.

So, in fact, was forced to laugh. But who really cares at this point. He’s laughing dammit! You’ll need to be careful, however, and waits for laugh first. You could get caught up in the moment and start a rolling laugh at an inappropriate time.


Making women laugh is vital in the dating game, [10 Things You Should Never Say to a Woman]. The power of humor is unmatched, but can deny the fatness, baldness, lack of talent, lack of motivation, lack of work, or any other defects that you may think (or know) you have. Now I’m not saying quit your job, dyed purple teeth and become a full-time comedian collection, but the use of humor to your advantage (which is very advantageous for those who make them laugh too) is obvious. There will be women out there who do not fulfill their jokes or do not care for their taste, but in general these are the same women that are not compatible with your personality (and vice versa). Not everyone is perfect for everyone, but you’d be surprised how many girls out there just want to be happy and laugh, and you can be the guy to make that happen for them.