How to Tell Your Girlfriend is Lying to You

Have you ever wondered exactly how to tell if your girlfriend is lying? Well, there are easy ways that you can tell if she is being deceptive. There are small signs and important actions that are performed when a girl is trying to hide something. Small changes in attitude and facial expressions may be all that is needed to know if your girlfriend is lying.

Lying Girlfriend

Sometimes, a good relationship can be ruined by mistrusting your girlfriend. But if you suspect she’s cheating, the nagging suspicion can be almost impossible to ignore. Here’s how to start figuring out if your fears are real.

Being dishonest is a sad reality of human nature, and determining when or if someone is lying is not always easy. Some folks have become masters at disguising the truth, and that usually spells trouble for the person(s) being lied to. For men, being labeled “dawgs,” cheats, and liars is a long-standing criticism in America. But what happens when girlfriends and wives lie? Can you tell if she’s being totally honest with you?

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Hesitation in Voice

When a girl, or anyone for that matter, is telling a lie, they often have a lot of pauses or even changes in their voice. This is because they could be trying to think up a story as they go. The more you ask about details, the more they have to think about their cover-up. If you’re talking to your girlfriend and notice this pattern, it could mean she’s lying. It’s not automatic, as some people get nervous when asked questions. But it’s something to pay attention to. [Read: How to Start a Conversation with a Girl]

If your girlfriend is constantly changing the subject or answering you with another question, it’s a sign that there is something she wants to avoid telling you. This is a big sign that she might be lying to you. It’s important to keep asking your questions. The more she avoids answering you, the more obvious it is she’s either lying or hiding something. [Read: How to Talk to a Girl]

Unneccessary Explainations

People have started to figure out that telling a poorly-thought-out lie gets them caught, so they begin to weave wild tales when they are lying. For example, when asked why she was out so late last night, your girlfriend might tell you that she was driving down the street when she saw an old friend in a passing car. She waved her down, and they pulled into a parking lot and got to talking. They decided to get a cup of coffee at Starbucks, where they discussed religion, politics and pop culture. Then she decided to stop at the grocery store where she purchased a loaf of bread, a six-pack of soda and a carton of milk. She then went to the Chevron to get gas, and finally headed home.

When most people are telling the truth, they don’t feel it necessary to expound upon every detail of their day, but they also don’t get nervous when they are asked questions. It’s a fine line.

Doesnt Care About Your Habits!

Now you know, this is too good to be true! She might say that all is good but you can bet if you say you wanna go to the strip club with your friends, she is not going to like that shit..not one bit! Women hate to feel like second choice to a night out with your friends and especially going to a strip club! In order to make her seem less pathetically needy, she’ll say it’s cool but if you choose to go, she will make a lot of slick little comments after, so you better think my friend!


While a person who is lying will tend to avoid eye contact, there are ways to determine if she is lying by watching what she does with her gaze. A right-handed person, will tend to look to the left (from your viewpoint, looking at her) when constructing a lie and to the right when remembering something factual.


When she has explained her answer with extensive detail and you have questioned her authenticity, she may respond in anger. Becoming easily irate is a sure indication of her fear of being caught in the lie. After your girlfriend becomes angry, she may start to make clumsy mistakes. Along with her mishaps, her hands may begin to shake. You may want to pay close attention to her forgetfulness and incessant babbling. When a girl becomes nervous, as in this case, she often talks a lot and exhibits fake cheerfulness to mask her insecurities from lying

Know Her

Does your girlfriend tell lies to other people that you know of? Is she telling you a story that is more detailed or less detailed than a story she normally tells you? If you’re in a serious relationship, you should have a good handle on each other’s normal behavior. It should be easy to tell if something out of the ordinary is happening. If you feel it is, you should be able to talk to each other about it. There could be a valid or deep reason she is lying. If you want your relationship to work, give her the benefit of the doubt and let her explain what happened and why she lied. It’s a lot more productive than jumping head first in to anger.

Discuss Again

If you asked a lot of questions during the initial telling of the suspected lie, the person may not remember all of the particulars of what she told you. A change in some of the details of the story or having to stop and think to remember what she originally said could prove that she was not being completely honest.

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