Tips For Young Women on Dating with Older Men

Unforgettable unforgettable lines sung by Julie Andrews in the movie equally unforgettable ‘Sound of Music’, ‘I need someone older and wiser, telling me what to do’. If Julie Andrews sang what is the issue then, chances are that you are wise enough to know what are the obvious benefits to be dating older men. Increased confidence, a more developed personality, and a mature attitude in life are some of the obvious attributes that attract women easily. Why not be prepared with some cards up his sleeve too, and shoot some arrows sharp in case Cupid strikes in the form of a man? This is exactly how you can tip the scales in your favor and make out with a older man a rewarding experience.

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Tips for Dating Older Men # 1

Feeling Like Children

Even if your older man gets access to his kids only on certain weekends, recognize that he will probably devote his time to them. When this happens, it does not mean that you should feel any less needed or loved than before. There will also probably come a time when you’re expected to participate in their lives as well. [Tips for Women to be More Confident with Men]. The important thing to remember about this is that you are not playing mummies and daddies, rather, the man is trying to include you and is allowing his children to get to know you. These kids will either accept you or they could reject you. Be ready for either outcome and know that it will affect your relationship. This does not mean that you should bend yourself into a pretzel in order to get the kids to like you. Don’t compromise your values here, they either like you or they don’t. Some kids are resentful that their parents have split up, and it’s not your job to force or induce them to like you. In addition, it is very likely that your older man will not desire any more kids. If your desire is to have children of your own, and the man does not want any more children, you should be honest with yourself and move on.

Let’s make one thing extremely clear: He is not and never will never be your dad. At this point in your life you should be independent and you shouldn’t be looking for someone to take care of you so make sure he knows that. The same thing goes for him. Make sure that he knows you want to be treated as his equal and not someone who can be controlled. You should pack your things and leave if he can’t seem to understand that…

Tips for Dating Older Men # 2


Know what you are getting yourself into when searching for a man half his age or older. That comes with years of experience and background. You can admire his intellect at first, but later you can grow on the nerves, because he knows more than you. There are times when you may question whether you are with this man because he has some sort of locking issues Dad. Maybe Dad was not in his life, not seem to care about you, he loves you so fourth. If this is you and you look to your old man to fulfill the role of his father, and then runs into trouble! No man can or will replace the love of father, anyone!

Tips for Dating Older Men # 3

Never Lie Your Age

Be sure he knows how old you are so he can make an informed decision about dating you. Fool him into thinking you’re older and you’re the fool!

Tips for Dating Older Men # 4

Appreciate Him

Show appreciation for all the little things of the date it for you. Younger men tend to focus more on themselves and their desires, older men show a greater sensitivity to meet the needs and desires of women. Thank you for going the extra mile when it comes to your home, open doors, send flowers or breakfast does. Remember not become immune to the efforts being made.

Tips for Dating Older Men # 5

Expect Stable Life

Older men generally have already had their adventures in life, and they are more settled, more stable. Compare that to younger men – they often haven’t found their place in life yet and might still want to try out all kinds of different things and experiences. But just because an older man is more stable and settled, doesn’t mean that his appetite for new experiences is gone. In fact, one of the reason why he might be attracted to a younger woman is because he wants someone who can provide freshness and youth. That doesn’t mean he’ll get rid of you once the newness of your relationship is over, but it means that he wants a woman that can bring some zest to his life, that is playful, and that can make his normal, everyday life a bit more adventurous and fun.

Tips for Dating Older Men # 6

Don’t Take Relationship Lightly

Be more responsible as older men tend to be more successful than their much younger counterparts and also do not particularly appreciate frivolous behavior, as they tend not to be frivolous themselves. Make sincere efforts to connect well with an older man on the emotional and intellectual level first. As the chronological age differences may or may not cause gaps in these spheres, after which of course one must most certainly look for the presence of a good mutual physical attraction, especially since an age difference can have just as much of an effect on people’s sexual preferences. All aspects greatly matter if a mature and serious long term relationship is what you are looking for, eventually leading to marriage.

Tips for Dating Older Men # 7

Financial Matters

Do not ever think about the money and wealth. People mostly think that the reason of someone date an older man is because the man is rich. Well, it is good when it is not true. But if this is true, don’t let this kind of thought bothers you. Keep on loving him no matter what.

Tips for Dating Older Men # 8

Rethink your Decision

Depending on how old your older man is, he may have very different life goals than you. He might want to settle down and have kids, or he might already have grown children. He might be getting ready to think about retirement, when you’re just getting out of college.