How to Treat the Girl You Love

How to treat her? The second most important I do not want to treat her right here that “hey my girlfriend broke up with me because I beat her,” or “How I can get him to stop cheating on me and she fooled me into it.” treat you right for the love of god! I’m tired of seeing guys who treat women like crap because I told them where they went. but far away, so I do not know who is with where he is or anything, but still, if you treat her like your supposed to then they do not go, (unless it is a jerk, then it’s her and not in you. now ask how can I treat a woman? well the respect and tell her you love her every day, ask how was your day, ask for help at all, ask how your family is, treat your girl like a princess, attend to their every whim, but not too much because she will walk all over you … maybe (most do not make some return to some girls are bad.), but treat her well and she will treat well understood?

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Treat her with Respect

Be a gentleman! Look out for her feelings, accept her values/morals, be interested in her life, ask her what’s going on, be helpful, never put her down, if she’s wrong don’t go out of your way to prove her. Be nice and treat her like she is special. Don’t push her to do things she is not ready for. Don’t put her down, or make her feel uncomfortable when you are hanging out together with your friends or your parents, Stand up for her, if one of your friends puts her down, confront them and tell them that it is not okay.

Become Chef

You don’t have to do this every day, but breakfast in bed will make your girl extremely happy that you took the time to make the best meal you can while slaving away in the kitchen. Even if you’re not great at cooking, she will still appreciate your effort.

Treat Her Like Human

Treat her like person not an object. This means really treating her like a princess, by caring for her needs,her wants and always paying attention to her emotions and taking the time to ask questions and to talk to her. Also try and to give her comments that make her feel good rather than put her down; positives over negatives!


If she likes hugs, give her hugs. If she likes a certain thing (perfume, clothing, cell phone, etc.), maybe you can consider buying one for her on a special occasion, such as her birthday. She will notice that you had paid attention, and will be gratified.

Give her Surprises

Bringing flowers, taking her out for a night on the town or a little getaway for the weekend are only a few of the countless things you can do. This shows you are creative, and it will keep her wondering what other romantic surprise you have up your sleeve.

Hold Her Hands

Don’t be ashamed to be romantic, that is how women know and feel that you care. A dozen red roses every time you go out is too much and at times too fake, but a single rose with a handmade card tied with a ribbon, now that is sweet,simple, and a true way to show you care.

Let Her Know

Women, and people in general, have an innate desire to be loved. Tell her you love her often and, moreover, show her whenever you get the chance. There are many ways of showing her your love. Practicing Steps 1 to 5 is a good place to start. You may also take care of a chore she has to do on a day she isn’t feeling well or surprise her with a relaxing massage, for starters.

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