Signs Your Boyfriend is Serious and He Wants to Marry You

Many women have been dreaming of the getting married to the one since they were children. However, for men, this dream seems to come to fruition in the future. When a man gets serious with a woman, he can start thinking about marriage. There are some signs that a man can show when ready to marry his girlfriend.

Marriage Rings

If you can’t help having doubts whether your boyfriend will marry you in future and you don’t want to travel the road to unhappiness because of being dumped, then you should look for the following signs in your boyfriend which will give you a clear picture as to how serious he is about you and whether he will marry you in future or not. [Read: Top 10 Mistakes Women Make to Spoil a Relationship]

He Makes Future Plans

Guys would not bring up anything they would not really want to talk about. But if he has been bringing this up to you, it means that he wants to know your say on these things. Having that, he might be seeing you somewhere in his future, maybe inside his dream house!

He Invites You at Every Occasion

If he imagines you having a lead role in the big picture, he will include you in family holidays and bring you as his plus one to other special events. Introduce you to his family and make you feel as a part of his family.

He may give Some Hints

Sometimes men may show little to no signs that they want to get married. You may not notice the subtle changes or hints he is giving off that he is ready to take your relationship to the ultimate level. If this is the case, and if you are really interested in finding out if he wants to get married, you could always ask him. Asking if your boyfriend ever wants to marry you can be tricky and you should consider the timing of that question. You could also just ask your boyfriend if he has ever considered getting married. This is an easier way to break the ice about the issue. Instead of asking about marriage specifically, you can also ask questions about the future and see how he reacts, such as “Do you want to have kids in the future?”

His Friends are Married

Does he roll his eyes at every wedding invitation he gets? Or moan about another double date with your married friends? This could be a giveaway that he’s not ready yet. But if most of a guy’s network of friends is married already, he’s going to start feeling like the odd man out and be more comfortable taking the leap himself.

He is Punctual

If he’s always punctual, he’s definitely into you. When a man is serious about his girlfriend, he will ensure that she doesn’t have to wait for an hour at the bus stop. He says he will pick you up for dinner and 8 p.m. and calls around 7.55 p.m. to tell you he’s stuck in traffic and will be 15 minutes late, he’s respectful of your feelings, [Read: 10 Type of Guys You Must Avoid Dating]. He won’t ever have you hanging around the park for half an hour before he shows up. Most girls constantly find themselves waiting for their boyfriend’s phone call, or for him to pick them up. If you don’t find yourself in that position, you’ve got yourself a winner.

Increased Touch

Once he decides you’re going to be his future Mrs., expect him to be way more touchy-feely, almost like when you first started dating. He might massage your neck when you’re working or touch your arm while you’re cooking.

He Misses You

It’s a wonderful feeling to know that nothing stands in the way of your guy making time to see you as often as possible. If he promises that you two are going to have dinner this evening and he follows through, that’s a great sign. On the other hand, if he consistently calls at the last minute to break plans, you’re more of a back up to him. A man who is doing this is not feeling committed to the woman in question, at all.

He Doesn’t Stare at Other Girls

Most of us have dated at least one man who seemed to have a very short attention span when another woman was in the room. It’s so disheartening to be talking to a man you really feel connected to only to discover his eyes are wandering past you to a beautiful woman who just entered the room, [Read: 10 Likely Reasons Why Men Cheat in a Relationship]. One telling way to know if a man is all yours is he’ll be so focused on you that he won’t notice anyone else in the room at all. This is something you can test the next time you two are in a crowded restaurant. Keep your eyes on him and watch what or who he fixates on.

He Wants to Live Together

‘And we’re not referring to bodily fluids here’. Because money is also key to a dude’s ego, his willingness to open a joint bank account or get a pet with you shows that he wants to solidify your bond.

Nothing says committed more than a guy giving up his precious man cave. If he’s willing to share his space voluntarily not just as a way to save money, he’s thinking wifey material. For many guys, it’s like the dress rehearsal before the main act. Bonus point is, if he brings up the topic. [Read: Facts to Consider Before Moving in With Boyfriend or Girlfriend]

He Introduces you with Friends / Relatives

He is keen that you meet his friends and not only because he wants to show off what a knockout you are, but because he’s so in love with you. He wants his friends to know you and like you. He wants you to get comfortable with them, because this paves the way for your initiation in the group. He makes an effort to be nice to your friends for the same reasons. He wants you to meet his family. This move is not to be underestimated at all. If there’s one thing common in men across continents, it’s the fact that they only take the girl home, if they’re taking the relationship to the next level.