What Break in a Relationship Means

Have you ever heard those words before? “We need to take a break.” It hits you like a bucket of ice water. Taking a break inside a regular relationship spells doom for couples, however, do not really have to.

What does “take a break, while in the romantic relationship” really means?

break in a relation

Especially in long-term relationships taking a break can actually be a good thing. Commonly times your partner only needs a little space to reflect on your life [Read: 5 Things a Couple Should Not Do in the Public]. Even not necessarily mean anything about the state of their relationship. There may be complications in the office or with loved ones. Sometimes, it is quite possible as well just be a vague feeling of dissatisfaction with existence. There should always try to read too much into things. Most of the time your partner just needs time to collect their thoughts and get a balance of its existence.

Taking a break, while in the relationship can actually bring the two closer again. When your partner has time to evaluate your priorities in life, he could come to the conclusion that their relationship is even better than he knew and that can further re committed than ever.

But take a break in the romantic relationship may also suggest that there are problems in the future. Many people just use the idea of “taking a break” as a way to break up with you, [Read: How Men Should Deal with Breakups]. They just want to cheat without pain. I know this is not good news by any means.

A break can mean a lot of different things, but some ways of taking a break aren’t healthy for your relationship. In order for a break to benefit your relationship you both have to agree to it, and you both have to understand that it doesn’t mean you and your partner can go meet other people and start dating them or talking to them. A healthy break is when you both understand that it’s needed for your relationship, and that it’s time to think about your relationship and what you can do to make it better.

The problem with ‘taking a break’ is that few people actually define what it means for their relationship. Does it mean one or both of you can see other people, or do you not want to muddy the waters with more? Can you contact each other (like texting), or do you really take a break from interacting on all levels? When does the break end, and how will either of you know it? What outcome(s) are one or both of you hoping for from taking a break, and do both parties know it?

Taking a break may be a scary thought and you might feel that it won’t do any good for your relationship but if you’ve tried everything else to solve your problems and nothing else has worked, than taking a break might be a good for you. Once you get back together, you can tell each other what you learned while you apart and you can connect in a way that you never have before.

So you see taking a break in the relationship might truly become a excellent thing. Most of it just depends on how straightforward your boyfriend is with you. When he informs you he would like a break, dig further down and try to understand when he’s coming from. It could just be completely innocent and having your help when he reflects on his existence will only help make a stronger foundation for your relationship.

What are your thoughts on the differences between “taking a break,” and “breaking up”? Do you agree that a “break” is vague and usually means something bad, and a break is not necessary to figure out if you like someone? Has a “break” ever worked out for you and your significant other? Do women mean the same thing when they ask for a “break”?
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