Reasons Why Men are Scared to Commit in a Relationship

The answer to this question is that men are afraid of commitment. What men are afraid to be committed to the wrong woman. There is not a man alive who is not willing to commit to a beautiful model, who is intelligent, financially successful and has the heart of an angel. In fact, many of these women talk about commitment phobic would jump at the chance as faster than most other men.

What really comes down to is that these men are commitment phobic something inside that makes them a little uncomfortable. That’s right, “its not me” line is a lie. He saw something in you that scared him.

Couple committed in relation

Why Men are Afraid of Making Commitment

You’ve been dating your guy for a long time but he won’t commit. Taking your relationship to the next level is what you want, but he’s content right where it is. [Points to Consider Before Moving in With Boyfriend]


Committing involves risk. You are essentially taking a plunge, and investing energy and time into the relationship. Some people feel that it’s not worth a try unless it’s 100% certain it will work out. But, because you can never really be sure of those things, a vicious cycle of “What If’s?” is created.

No More Independence

Men are extremely independent by nature. They like to make own decisions and run lives by their own rules. But when a woman enters the picture, all the choices a guy simply used to take for granted like going out for a beer with his buddies, buying a big screen TV, playing golf on Saturday afternoon suddenly have to be cleared with her first. And her answer is almost always, “No — we’re a couple now” or in other words, “We’re going to do things my way”. Almost overnight, they find themselves trapped, doing what she wants to do, regardless of his own wants or desires.

You are Not a Marriage Material

Many of the men might appear to be commitment phobic or emotionally unavailable, but then broke with them and go and marry a woman after dating her for only a few months. What is the problem with that? In that situation , it is clear that the man was more than willing to commit to a particular woman , but when the right woman arrived, he released her and married her. The message here is that if the man is not willing to commit , it may be because you are not willing to commit to you specifically.

Do not feel bad for yourself if this is the case . It only means that man has developed an emotional bond with you in a deep enough level . His fear of losing that has become more than their fear of losing their freedom. The best thing to do in this situation is to give your man the space to develop emotional attachment to you that is necessary for him to engage. Pushing things and trying to approach him just choke and make him want to throw farther.

Lack of Confidence

Another reason why guys are afraid of commitment is simply because they lack confidence in themselves. They are pessimistic that the love relationship will not last long and a lot of problems from occurring. To avoid suffering in the near future, you better not be too serious in a relationship. Therefore, girls play an important role in allowing the kids have faith in a relationship. Show that you care for the person you love as much as he cares for you.

He Thinks Marriage is Boring

Again, it is the emotional connection guys “settle down”, which for them is immediately translated as “becoming boring.”
When you think your partner imagine settling in hair curlers while watching Coronation Street have nothing better to do on a Saturday night. No wonder you’re a little scared with a view like this? A simple tactic to reduce its commitment phobia is simply avoid language like “settle down” completely! If a man that the vision associated with marriage, they will always see the commitment of all the fun I would have had the single.

Past Relationships

A classic case of being once bitten twice shy is applicable when a man has gone through a bitter breakup of his previous relationship. The haunting memories of the unpleasant behavior of your ex and the consequences of damage to a breakup can be a reason why a man is afraid of being committed.

It’s hard to forget someone, especially an ex. An individual may be running away from the idea of ​​compromise if your ex-girlfriend cheated on him and broke his heart.

Financial Issues

Yes, there are still men who believe it is their responsibility to support their families. You may be lucky enough to have found one of those. However, your attention is directed to the construction of the economic base. He knows that the demands of a serious relationship going to distract from your financial goal. If you think you have a real opportunity to achieve their goals in a time frame that you can live with, then show her that you can help more than hinder it. Merrily support him in his work and not pressure you to pay more attention to you. If you like this treatment, you can commit. Of course you are setting a pattern of relationship that can be hard to break. So find out if finally wants to devote time to their relationship or if the work will always be his first love. If your answer is satisfactory, go for it.

For a woman, finding out why men are afraid to commit takes testing – not all men are afraid of it for the same reasons. Many men aren’t afraid to commit as they just think they’ll lose something important to them along the way. That something is most often a facet of the freedom that they’ve hitherto enjoyed. If you can talk commitment while instilling in them that they won’t lose that freedom, then you are half way there.