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In order to do so, it utilizes the analysis grid of Fashion Semiology, a modern discipline that falls under Semiomarketing, the branch of marketing originating in the application of semiotic survey to market research, a methodology based on the polysemantic analysis, decomposition and recomposition of verbal, visual and morphological texts (advertising, internal communication, Web) created by marketing and communication departments, analyzing consumer profiles and expectations.

Its aim is to optimize the communication-sales process.

Semiomarketing, the parent of Fashion Semiology, decomposes and recomposes written communication in a modular manner using the most modern and sophisticated analysis techniques, and through scientific and cognitive instruments that are more flexible and far-reaching than conventional communication and marketing theories alone.

Semiomarketing essentially deals with BCO.

The term BCO (Business Communication Optimization) refers to the activities designed to increase the target-customer conversion rate or loyalty rate by adopting certain strategies that amplify the effects of corporate communication in B2C or in B2B.

The optimization of business communication, whether traditional or digital, includes various practical and strategic operations that are performed on any type of corporate communication material (from posters to websites) by acting on perception modes.

An effective business communication plan is typically based on the balanced management of Product, Place, Price and Promotion (complemented, according to the latest marketing mix theories, by People, Process and Physical evidence), without neglecting the fact that marketing is nowadays growingly underpinned by an eighth P, which permeates the other 7: Perception.

Semiomarketing amplifies BCO by acting on the elements (symbols, icons, indices, codes, forms, colours, etc.) that influence human perception towards product, price, distribution, promotion, sales staff, presentation process and physical evidence of the product or service.

BCO acts on the visual, textual and morphological elements, on clothing or staff gestures, on product layout and presentation and on other elements affecting human perception, amplifies and optimizes them, and ensures that whatever emanates from a particular brand (product, press campaign, fair stand design, digital or video advertising communication strategy) is semiomarketing-oriented, in other words, capable of generating in consumers an idea of positivity, convenience, authenticity, professionalism, reliability, or is such as to effectively communicate the corporate values in order to engender business growth and customer loyalty.

Communication is the path taken by marketing to achieve its business results.

Semiomarketing is the fast track for optimizing the target-client conversion rate and customer loyalty.

Fashion Semiology is its stylistic, communicational and marketing-oriented interpretation in the world of High Fashion and, inevitably, of Luxury.

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